Thursday, April 4, 2013

Don't You Just Love Birthdays...

Well the last week of March is always a good time of year, as far as I am concerned. I think most people feel similarly during the week of their birthdays. This year was no exception, as I was blessed with well wishes and gifts from many of the special people in my life. Thanks to everyone for making it a great day!!!

The one item I received that kind of sticks out to me (not meaning to lessen my appreciation for ANY of the others) is my new Bosch 1617 EVSPK Router Kit. The router kit includes the 2-1/4 HP variable speed soft start router, the fixed base, the plunge base, a 1/4" collet and a 1/2" collet. Additionally, I was able to purchase a single 1/2" straight pattern bit and the complete dust collection shroud kit, which includes a fix based collection shroud, a plunge base collection shroud and the edge cutting collection shroud. All the dust collection accessories will not arrive until next week, so my patience will be tested. The only items I will need to acquire to round out the entire setup is the centering bit/guide and the guide bushing set. I built a quick and dirty  exact width dado jig early this week. After I play with this preliminary version of the jig I will create a second generation version using better materials for accuracy and durability, but for now this particle board version will suffice. Eventually I will start on a custom router table and fence similar to the New Yankee Workshop version. There are a couple of modifications I think I will make, but for the most part I'll stick to the plans.

The router is one of those items I have been putting off buying due to budget issues for some time, so I am very grateful to receive such a wonderful gift. While I will be keeping my father's old B&D router for sentimental reasons most likely it's use in the shop will be extremely limited. Maybe I'll set it up for round overs and/or chamfers? Any suggestions? This is like a 4 or 4.5 amp B&D Deluxe Router from the late 70's or early 80's, so it is neither powerful or "Deluxe" by comparison with today's router options.

After I complete a couple of the items on 
shelf of misfit projects I think I am going back to basics  to focus on some general cabinetry projects. Not that plywood cabinets are simplistic or easy to build, but more because I have never really taken the time to try to build any basic cabinet carcasses. The projects I have in mind are both shop built and household in nature. For the shop I am looking at several base cabinets, a router table and a couple of wall mounted shelving units. In the house it will be two bathroom cabinets for above the commodes, three different areas that need shelving and one kitchen wall cabinet. Nearly all of this will be primarily  plywood with some hardwood face framing. My one regret is the lack of a quality plywood provider in the immediate area. The bulk of these projects will have to be sourced from the local hardware company (Citizen's - Ace Hardware) or the big box (Lowe's) so material selection will definitely be a concern. If my world is perfect I would like to finish all these projects by the end of the year, so I better get busy!!! Not to mention painting the house and repairing eaves and soffits. Oh boy!!!

Below are a few pictures. I will provide a brief review of the router in a future post. For now suffice to say it is the greatest router ever and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!!! But don't think I am naive enough to actually think these are not biased preconceived notions generated out of the sheer excitement and jubilation of receiving a TOOL for my birthday. When the review hits the site it will be based on the facts after using the tool for a couple projects and experiencing both the pros and the cons of its operation. For now, I'll enjoy the blind ECSTASY!!!

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  1. I sure can understand budget needs. I got the Bosch router because it made more sense than going with a router lift. I did not get the plunge router base, but I guess I could buy that later. Looking good!