Monday, April 22, 2013

Plywood Shelf & Sump Pump Installation

Well this week has been filled to the brim with woodworking nirvana and back breaking labor. On the woodworking front I was able to assemble the Plywood Shelf I discussed in the last post. On the back breaking labor side of things I have, with the help of a friend (THANKS JOEY!!!), installed a sump pump in our garage. This installation has really needed to happen since I was a youngster, but never became high enough priority. Now with the pump installed it may be possible to slowly migrate the woodshed from the basement to the larger garage. As usual all the pictures are at the end of post, enjoy (I hope)!!!

Regarding the plywood shelf build, I have put the one and only coat of BLO on the shelves and will finish it out with two coats of poly. For all intended purposes the shelves came out functionally perfect. In comparison to personal expectations they didn't come out quite as accurately or error free as I would have liked. As I stated in the previous post this was my first time using a router to create dados and actually the first time I've created dados period, so I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised with the outcome.

I really wished I could figure out why my projects seem to lack the precision that I am expecting. Early on I in my efforts I recognized that I tend to rush things. Sometimes I would make a cut before I was 100% sure or make a cut based on a single measurement. Now I am "TRYING" to force myself to measure, measure again and then repeat the measurement just to be sure. When I am "TRYING" something, or figuring something out, for the first time I "TRY" to make myself either physically test the process or think all the way through the processes at least two or three times before going live. I "TRY" to think of all potential failure paths, possible mental and physical obstacles to success and I "TRY" to make sure I clearly think about what is a successful outcome to the process/problem.

Recently (honestly currently) I was "TRYING" to blame a lot of my precision issues on the quality and quantity of my tools. I can't get this curve because I don't have this bandsaw blade. I can't get accurate tenons because I don't have a shoulder plane. I can't "TRY" that technique because I don't have a double beveled case hardened giraffe-necked two-handed wizzywhatsit. I can't "TRY" that because my table saw is accurate enough. Now I am "TRYING" to force myself to push through these limitations. I "TRY" to adjusted my thought processes when I find myself "TRYING" to use the tooling rationale as an excuse. I just tell myself to quit the quitting and "TRY" the "TRYING". If I fail I just chalk it up to practice makes perfect, next challenge please.

Simply stated, I am "TRYING" to make a significant effort to avoid "STUPID", which seems to dog me on a much too regular basis. 

Who knows maybe one day or one project somewhere in the future it'll all come together and I won't wonder anymore. I'll just look back at all the memories, sawdust, splinters, band-aids, scrap lumber, blazing fire pits and occasional successes and think how much enjoyment I've gotten out of all this "TRYING"!!! Now excuse me I've got another crazy idea I want to "TRY"!!!

Until my next post:


±40 Gallon Poly Drum With 1/2" Holes In Bottom 2/3 Wrapped In Landscape Fabric
Low Corner Of Driveway Just Inside Garage (Water Has Gotten About 2' Deep Before)
Hand Dug 20-25' Ditch 12-18" Deep - ±8' Through +4" Asphalt
Right Side View
Front View
Left Side View

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