Saturday, March 30, 2013

Live Edge Table Build...

Well I wanted to challenge myself, so I started a live edge table build back before the holidays. After I screwed up the joinery at the top of the first leg I shoved the project back up on the shelf of misfit projects. Until yesterday I figured it would never see the light of day, but I've had a change of heart. Although I won't be able to fix (cosmetically modify maybe) the original screw up I figure there are still lessons to be learned from the project.

Everything I am attempting is really a first attempt and although I have read and watched quite a bit of woodworking related educational materials, the solutions and processes I am using are self destructiv... I mean I am figuring them out on my own. I realize there are better ways to do everything I am trying to do, so I am begging anyone and everyone to comment and share their ideas, suggestions and experience. I have had trouble finding local educational resources and a woodworking community to learn and share ideas with, so the internet is my resource for sharing my passion for the craft. So please feel free to point your fingers and laugh at my project(s), but don't leave me in the dark if you know a better technique, recognize a failure path or simply have a tip to share. I wouldn't mind a couple of atta boys along the way, but honestly they're not necessary for me to enjoy the journey.

Anyway below are a few pictures of the table, including close ups of the screw up. I am in the process of working on the joinery for the other leg and then it will be on to the stretcher. Wish me luck and let me know what you think!!!
Table Top

Live Edge
Going To Drill Out Epoxy As It Dried Yellow (Any Suggestions For Clear Drying Epoxy?)
Solid 8/4 Walnut Leg
Leg Edge Rounding Template (Mark Legs Then Use Planes, Scrapers And Rasps To Shape Edges)
One Leg Partially Shaped (Looong Way To Go. Wishing For A Draw Knife &/Or Spokeshave)
Arc At Base Of Legs (Note Tapering At The Top)
Mortise For Stretcher (Stretcher Will Be Made Of Hard Maple, Maybe Curly)
KABOOM!!! Not Sure What I Did Wrong, But Obviously Something Wasn't Right. I Had Plywood Backing Up The Stock As I Chiseled Through The Waste, So Anyone Got Any Thoughts On This One???
Dovetail Joint For Attaching The Top To The Legs
Marking Out The Dovetail On The Top (Just Started Chiseling Waste To Define Edges, Will Drill Out Bulk Before Final)
First Socket Completed. Disappointed In Sloppy Fit (Where I Had Shelved The Project Back Before The Holidays)
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  1. Stephen,

    Although I'm not sure what your idea is for the finished table to look like, I like how the components look so far.

    I'd recommend West System epoxy. Not cheap, but good.

    I don't trust backer boards when chiseling mortises. I would work from both sides unless I plan to remove material from the exit side (either round over the edges of the mortise or reduce the part's thickness.


  2. Steve, I am in the same boat, I have mentioned the problem to the Rocker store in P. but that fell on deaf ears, and the WC store in Roa. is too far and too expensive on a lot of their classes and the only other resources are in N C.
    Do you have any idea the no's of people in our area in the same boat? From all I can guess we are going to have to go it alone or form our own group. P.(

  3. Hey guys thanks for posting comments. I really appreciate the feedback.

    Chris - I should have known you would provide a simple solution to the blow out issue I experienced. I will definitely use it on a future project.

    Pat - Looks like I found a neighbor to bounce ideas off. I never realized you were literally right around the corner!!! Too bad Highland Woodworking and Marc Adams aren't, huh!!!