Friday, March 8, 2013

Finishing Up The Miter Station

This week I have worked to complete the Miter Station project I introduced last week. While I was unsuccessful at completing the project, I feel I made enough progress to post an update on where it stands.

First I have added onto the the dust collection ducting for the station. I incorporated a 4" "Y", 3" reducer and 2" hose connector to the previously discussed piping. Additionally, in order to remedy the whistling I was getting from the 1 1/2" sump hose I discussed in last week's post I installed a 4' segment of 2" diameter flexible swimming pool filter tubing. While the exterior construction of the hose is very similar to the sump hose the interior is smooth walled and eliminates (Thank Goodness) the whistling I experienced from the sump hose. The only issue I experienced from splitting the air flow between the area below the saw and at the dust port on the saw is balancing the air flow to the two locations. My elegant Hillbilly solution was to insert a baffle or restrictor on the upstream end of the "Y". It took about three attempts to make the correct WAG but I eventually got balanced collection from both collection points. The baffle was initially constructed from scrap luan plywood and the second iteration saw the inclusion of infamous duct tape to further restrict the flow. After I decided there still wasn't enough pick up at the saw's dust port and after realizing the duct tape was probably not going to hold up for an extended period I moved to an aluminum flashing material. As I cut the aluminum I used the luan and duct tape version as a template and only slight extended the edges to further restrict the flow. As you'll notice in the pictures below, I cut a semi-circle in the baffle and installed it with the opening towards the bottom of the pipe. In my mind this seemed to serve two purposes; one was it should reduce dust build up on the upstream side of the baffle and two it places the restriction as close to the intersection in the "Y" as possible. In my minds eye the latter should maximize the function of the baffle in directing flow to the smaller diameter piping. I don't know if either of these concepts are correct, but I know the end results seem to support the effort.

The other items I completed included the installtion of the support table fence and the finishing of both the fence and the support table top. The only thing remaining on the wish list is the inclusion of t-track on the fence to use for clamping and permanently attached sliding stop block. I should complete these items in the next week or two.

As for the area behind the support table fence I am currently planning to incorporate some type of storage unit. I haven't decided between installing open shelving, a more formal cabinet, french cleat system or other tool organization system, however I do know it will not be peg board. I am also scratching my head on how to get bench top dust collection to the workbench area immediately adjacent to the miter station. This bench serves many purposes in my shop at this time, including layout, assembly, sanding and finishing operations. In the long range plans, there will be a more formal workbench for layout and most assembly, a spray area for finishing and this bench will be relegated to mostly sanding operations, thereby making the dust collection extremely important at this bench.

Next post I hope to include some shop layout drawings, including future additions and end game strategy for finishing the setup. While I hope to one day be able to convert the existing independent two car garage into my "FINAL" shop. This basement layout needs to be functional for several years before I will even begin to consider the garage conversion. Anyway that post is for another day.

Hope your enjoying these recent posts and more consistent schedule. Thanks for stopping by.

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