Thursday, February 2, 2012

Unassembled Furniture On The Way!!!

I feel like a giddy little boy waiting for presents on his birthday!!!!! I just ordered the rough lumber I will use to construct an end table. This will be my first EVER attempt at building a piece of furniture, so my outcome expectations are low! As a bonus in humiliation, I intend to take you along on the journey for what is sure to be a humorous and utterly complete failure, but hey I bet I'll learn something in the process.

FYI, the materials for the project are as follows:

8/4 x 9” x 30” White Ash (clear, rough)      -   Legs

4/4 x 6” x 9-10’ White Ash (clear, 15/16”) -   Aprons

4/4 x 8.5” x 9’ Walnut (clear, 15/16”)         -   Top

The plan is coming straight out of Wood Magazine's Issue 206 from September 2011, I probably will not vary from the plans during this initial build, but I have future plans to modify the design for a matching sofa table. "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men"...

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to criticize whenever appropriate, applaud whenever applicable and provide suggestions at every stinkin' turn. While my expectations are low, the end product must at least be usable regardless of how ugly it turns out. I am counting on each of you to help me or at least laugh with me along the way.

Until my next post,

Keep Your Mind on your Fingers and your Fingers on your Hands!!!


  1. Good luck with the build. Please let us know of any issues/problems you run into and we'll b glad to help.

  2. Go for it and enjoy..... I'm not familiar with issue 206 of you have a picture of the project or a look at your working shop sketch. Front and side view is all we need.

  3. Why not try a tweet-along as you build?