Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Legs Are Milled

Well I got busy this morning and milled the legs to near final dimension. One more pass through the planer and they'll be done. I have also laid out all the mortises and the angular decorative top. I intentionally added to each measurement in order to compensate for final milling. I think the last pass through the planer may actually clean up some of the marking. I won't actually cut the decorative top until I finish tapering the legs, as the taper is full length on the out side face of each leg.

One significant learning experience I encountered was exactly what Michael Morton ( had explained to me yesterday. RIFT SAWN, RIFT SAWN, RIFT SAWN!!! What an aesthetic difference there is between flat sawn and rift sawn especially in something like a leg. What I am kicking myself on is the fact that I had seen this demonstrated in several videos and books, but never completely grasp the concept. I guess this is evidence that you can read and watch a million videos, but if you don't get in the shop and practice, practice, practice you'll never learn to use the knowledge.

Please let me know what you think! One thing I've always believed is there is always a better way and somebody out there knows it. Thanks for visiting!!!

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