Saturday, May 26, 2012

Back from the Attack...

Well, I am sure few noticed my absence over the nearly three (3) months since my last post, but I am happy to say I am Back from the Attack...
Left = 80% Blockage Before   ---   Right = Post Stent Deployment
Lube and Filter Change was included in the Service
Oh alright, it wasn't really an "Attack", but it was eerily similar to that event back in 2008. Suffice to say one (1) (thankfully) mild heart attack and three (3) stents in six (6) years is enough!!! Especially considering that the first event, including the heart attack and a 95% blockage, ended with my first stent being deployed on my 40th Birthday! I won't preach or evangelize beyond this one post; but I cannot urge anyone reading this enough to get your cholesterol checked regularly! Also, never trust that your doctor knows your body better than you do, just because he or she is a doctor. I knew from my past episodes that I was having issues, but the doctors (yes more than one) said I was probably having heartburn. I kept pressing and finally they performed a Cardiac Catheterization expecting to find no issues. Well two (2) days later I was released from the hospital one (1) stent heavier, with a couple of apologies of acknowledgment from the doctors. Honestly, not an event I wanted to say; "NANANANANA, I TOLD YOU SO!!!" over. Bottom line, shop safety is imperative, but life safety is more crucial if you want to have an opportunity to spend time in the shop. Take care of yourselves!!!

ENOUGH!!! Now back to woodworking! Guess what I have finally finished. Yes, you are correct if you guessed the Floating Top Table. While there are more mistakes and issues with the project than there are things perfectly satisfactory; I am still pleased with the result. My original intention was to end up with a usable table and the final product is just that, usable. Below are several pictures of my efforts since my last post. I have tried to keep them in chronological order for some since of the work-flow, but there are obvious gaps in the project. While I had intended to cover this project in detail obvious issues derailed my intentions. This will be my last post regarding the floating top table, so let me know what you think. Even if you think I SUCK and should just give up woodworking and blogging, I would just appreciate hearing your opinion. Now whether I will follow your recommendations or not, well that is a completely different matter.
Curved Floating Top Supports Glued To Two Of The Aprons

Base Of The Table - 1st Dry Assembly

Table Top First Of Three Glue Ups

Couldn't Resist Peeking At The Grain Using Mineral Spirits

Complete Dry Assembly Prior To Final Sanding To 320 Grit
I Am Not A Professional Photographer, So Criticism Not Accepted

Floating Top - EEEeeeeewww AAAaaaahhh

Final Finish - 4 Coats General Finishes Arm-R-Seal 3 Coats Johnson's Paste Wax

Would Like To Check Out Walnut Pore Fillers Before The Next Walnut Project

Overall, I Have Acheived The Mission; "Its A Table That Functions Just Like A Table"!!!

Until my next post,

Keep Your Mind on your Fingers and your Fingers on your Hands!!!


  1. First, glad to hear you're ok.

    Next, you don't suck. I like the table a lot, and i mau even crib the design. I think its well done.

    1. Thanks for the kind words and encouraging comments. As I stated in previous posts the design is straight out of Wood Magazine. Look back a post or two for details!